Phone Access for People with Disabilities

Using a smartphone has become second nature throughout the world. In fact, an article published in 2016 reported the average person touches their phone over 2,500 times per day! For people with disabilities, however, many of the freedoms offered by smartphones are not available to them, most often due to limited use of hands.

Take Adriana Mallozzi for example. Adriana has Cerebral Palsy, and while she has technology to help her perform tasks in her home, the offering becomes much more limiting when she leaves the house. In an interview with Adriana last year, she cited a few basic functionalities that Puffin Innovations would help solve for people with disabilities, such as the ability to notify MBTA staff when taking the subway.

Adriana also highlighted an activity she (and most people) love, reading e-books. Puffin Innovations is working on a lightweight and portable device to allow people to read while they’re in transit or simply enjoying the outdoors.

The opportunities to be more independent are incredibly exciting, and unlocking smartphone access for people with disabilities is one of the most promising projects currently being solved at Puffin Innovations.