Want to learn more about what Puffin Innovations is doing and Smart Assistive Technology?

Let’s start with defining what Smart Assistive Technology is and what it means to the disability community. Simply put, Smart Assistive Technology (or SAT) includes physical products or software to empower people with disabilities to do things that without SAT, they would not be able to do. An example of SAT is the first product to be rolled out by Puffin Innovations, which is The Puffin.

The Puffin is a breath-activated portable input device that connects to both mobile phones and computers. This offers people without the use of their arms and hands for instance to breath into our device to accomplish simple tasks such as:

  • Turning the lights on at home
  • Manage online bank accounts
  • Using apps on a mobile phone
  • Use a computer in the workplace
  • …etc

A few key themes we’re tackling here at Puffin Innovations are listed below. Click to learn more about any of the following: