At Puffin Innovations, we’re focused on Smart Assistive Technology that allows people with disabilities to lead more functional and meaningful lives. Our products adapt and conform to the person instead of the other way around.

The entire team at Puffin Innovations is dedicated to leveling the playing field for people with disabilities, enabling them to have the same level of access and usability with computers and mobile devices in their personal life as well as in the workplace.

By tailoring everything we do, from user interfaces to our portable, durable, and affordable products, Puffin Innovations will use its Smart Assistive Technology to advance the “disabled community” into one that is simply able.

Thank You for Supporting our iFundWomen campaign

All of us at Puffin Innovations would like to thank our iFundWomen campaign backers! Because of your support, we reached our minimum funding goal which has brought us one step closer to bringing our technology to those who need it most; one step closer to giving members of the disability community a newfound level of independence never experienced before.

A special thank you to Karen Kahn and Kate Anderson of iFundWomen for their encouragement and guidance, and to Mindy Kolin of Wildflower Promotions for her unwavering support that got us to the finish line.

The Driving Force Behind Puffin Innovations


Board of Directors

Peter Mahoney
Former VP and General Manager of Dragon at Nuance
Peter Chang
Bioengineer & President of Global Sound Solutions — expert in ultrasound technologies.
Eric Oddleifson
Director of Assistive Technology and Employment Services at Easter Seals Massachusetts
Donald Fredette
Adaptive Equipment Specialist at the Boston Home
Lauren Smith
Policy Counsel at Future of Privacy Forum

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