making technology intelligently accessible


With Puffin, we’re making assistive technology that fits itself to the user, instead of the other way around. We want our products to work in every place and way that people do, providing them with the same level of access to computers and mobile devices that many take for granted.

We strive to make products that are affordable, portable, and durable. And we want to see how far we can go towards making interfaces tailored to people’s abilities. We think our approach will work even outside those differences commonly labeled as “disabilities.”

Board of Directors

Peter Mahoney
SVP and General Manager of Dragon at Nuance
Peter Chang
President of Global Sound Solutions — expert in ultrasound technologies.
Eric Oddleifson
Director of Assistive Technology and Employment Services at Easter Seals Massachusetts
Donald Fredette
Adaptive Equipment Specialist at the Boston Home
Lauren Smith
Policy Counsel at Future of Privacy Forum

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