Innovation and the military have always gone hand in hand. It should be of no surprise that when Adriana and I saw the S.A.H.A.T. (Specially Adaptive Housing Assistive Technology) program posted on, we enthusiastically applied to participate. As an Assistive Technology (A.T.) company that is developing a device that enables the most severely disabled to access mobile phones and computers, we knew that our technology would be a perfect fit for disabled vets living in technologically advanced housing. The Puffin is the conduit between the person and consumer electronics.

In a time when modern warfare has increased the complexities of injuries, participating in a project funded by the Office of Veterans Affairs to develop technology for disabled vets excites our empathetic inner nerdiness. The Puffin’s main purpose is to meet the demands of users, and use data to advance ideations. Currently, the device is used orally by the disabled, so those with spinal cord injuries and loss of limbs can easily use the product. As war injuries change, so will our technology.

We at Puffin look forward to working with other innovators to further advance the technologies, treatments, and services provided to injured troops. No one wants our military troops to be injured in any act of war, but unfortunately this is out of our control. However, we can all make a difference for our current troops and veterans in our own ways, and Puffin will provide technologies with pride. The military is working on some incredible innovations that will not only change the lives of disabled vets, but also the disability community at large.